Wild Rose Florist was established in 2000. Our Happy Team of highly experienced floral stylists have transformed homes, businesses and restaurants across the city with our personal touch and cheerful service.

Our flowers and exquisitely wrapped, exclusive gifts have warmed hearts all over the country. The Wild Rose shop is snugly ensconced in the loving arms of Table Mountain at Agapanthus Avenue Devils Peak in Cape Town.

Wild Rose, creator of innovative bouquets, opulent arrangements and exclusive gift ideas, has florally inspired and lovingly taken care of the floral and gifting requirements for our wide range of clients across Cape Town.

Our client list includes:

Cliffe Decker Hofmeyr


Insight Actuaries &Consultants

Quantex Recruitment

Catto Neething Wiid


SA Breweries

RMB Private Bank

Medscheme Health risk Solutions

Superior Choices

Murray and Roberts

Mount Nelson

Coronation Fund Managers

Cape Royale Hotel

Antoni & Associates

Pick 'n Pay



Maitland Fund Service

Pinnacle Point Investments

Atlantic Imbizo Conference Centre V&A Waterfront

Mediterranean Shipping Company

Shoprite Checkers Group

Nomadik Tents


Fairfield Corporate Ventures



La Splendida Hotel

Accelerate Sports Management

Pam Golding Properties

Uwe Koetter Jewellers

Urban Lime Property Investments

Hilton Hotel


"…and this is what they have to say"

"she has sent the attached photo of your lovely flowers to me to pass on to the committee to say thank you. She is so touched by them. Thank you for delivering them yourself - this was so thoughtful of you. A familiar face at her front door was precisely what she needed today, rather than a stranger. It was a lovely warm gesture, which knowing you, doesn't surprise me at all" FDWP 06.06.14

"she received her flowers and she said they is absolutely stunning. Thanks so much for your help and thank you for making it special" Medscheme 06.06.14

"She loved the flowers - many thanks!" Private client 12.04.14

"Thank you...much appreciated. You made her day" Private Client 02.04.14

"Your expertise speaks for itself as our reception areas flowers is always beyond beautiful....not to mention the amazing color co-ordination that goes with it. I leave the arrangements in your capable hands if that's okay with you." Medscheme 22.03.14

"WE loooooooove the flowers they look so cool that we ordered another one from your lady for our bar." The Backpacker 20.03.14

"The flowers were lovely and just what I wanted" Happy Bride 06.03.14

"l hear the flowers are absolutely lovely! Thanks again for helping me in the way you do." Private client 20.03.14

"Thanks Lisa, she turned 100 and was obviously delighted with her beautiful flowers - you always do us proud!" FDWP 10.12.14

"We had the funeral in Pretoria on Friday and I heard from the family they received beautiful flowers from "us". I really want to thank you so much for the big effort to help us show our empathy to the family with beautiful flowers." Private client 27.11.12

"Thank you for the beautiful flowers... they looks amazing!! She absolutely loves it" AA Interiors 09.11.12

"Big thanks to you, for an awesome service! Only a pleasure. Will be placing another order, soon!" Woolworths 24.10.12

"They look absolutely amazing!! Both Mark & Adam love their flowers" AA Interiors 16.10.12

" Thank you Lisa, its beautiful and my colleague is thrilled." ooba 26.09.12

"Thanks so much for giving her such a beautiful arrangement of flowers. I knew you would. She phoned to thank me for the most beautiful bunch of flowers ever!" Private Client 10.09.12

"Just to let you know she was very pleased! :) ... thank you for going to ALL the trouble" Alchemy Software 14.09.14

"Dear Lisa,Thanks so much for making and delivering the delightful corsage" Private Client 02.09.12

"she said that the flowers you delivered to her were still going strong two weeks after delivery, so you obviously have really good suppliers, Lisa! Nice to know the recipients are so happy with what you sent them on our behalf, thank you!" FDWP 11.11.12

"I’M SO HAPPY I COULD BURST!! THANK YOU!!" Upstream Advertising 06.09.12

"Just a note to say Thank You! I was very impressed with the stunning flowers" Woolworths 31.08.12

"Thank you Lisa. Your service always results in a thrilled response" Pam Golding 31.08.12

"Rose phoned me and waxed lyrical about the beautiful bowl of flowers that had arrived for her she was thrilled" Private Client 30.08.12

"Your flowers were awesome" Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr 28.08.12


"Thank you SO MUCH Lisa, I appreciate it, you are the BEST!"
Coronation Fund Managers 17.08.12

"Thank you very much! I received the flowers and they look AMAZING! The birthday girl loves them too :)" Woolworths 27.07.12

"Lisa I love them they look fabulous!" Farm Design 02.06.12

"Thanks they have arrived! Absolutely stunning! You are a star!" Medscheme 01.06.12

"Thanks for delivering the basket, looks stunning. Lynne is really going to like it." RMB Private Bank 31.05.12

"I have received a bouquet of beautiful flowers In future, when I need to send flowers I will use Wild Rose Florist." Karlstorz 17.04.12

"The flowers look absolutely amazing!!! Thanks so much for the gorgeous arrangement. Attached some pics… " AA interiors 27.02.12

"Wow that was quick, you're so efficient. Lola just email to say she received the most beautiful bunch of flowers which have brightened her sad day:)" Yael Faelkov 09.02.12

"You are one helluv a woman THANK YOU." Murray and Roberts 14.12.11

"SO…SO…! BEAUTIFUL" Murray & Roberts 08.12.11

"I believe the flowers are beautiful! Margot says it is the most beautiful she has ever received!" Private Client 22.11.11

"As usual - stunning creative flowers for our Widaad at 50!" Private client 22.11.11

"The “pamper hampers” were an absolute hit ?  thank you so much, especially the names embroidered on the face cloths." SAB 14.11.11

"Hi, the flowers are still beautiful after a week and the St Joseph lilies are now open- what a fragrance. Thanks again" Private Client 11.11.11

"The people really loved your flowers. The client event took one home." Liqid lingo 10.11.11

"I will refer you to all my friends, and hopefully the couple that you delivered to will use you too. Continue with your excellent service and delivering beautiful flowers  – That is great advertising , the recipients will become your new customers." Coronation 08.11.11

"You shouldn't have but you did and I am very touched. Lisa delivered a beautiful bunch of yellow roses, day and Inca lilies. They lifted my spirits." Thanks so much, Lisa!  Your lovely flowers were a tonic for her” FWDP 05.11.11 "Lisa, I can't tell you how delighted Monica was with your flowers! She phoned me last Friday and said that two weeks after receiving them, they were still going strong. She said as much as she'll enjoy a party in the park, NOTHING could give her as much pleasure as the flowers we sent her did!  So I'd like her to know, in case she doesn't, that you did are responsible for giving her so much pleasure. I was so delighted and thrilled by her delight - thank you!" fdwp 4.11.11

"Thank you so much for arranging the wonderful flowers and on such short notice. We greatly appreciate it." Atlantic Imbiso 28.10.11

"Thank YOU for always being so accommodating, efficient and prompt" Pam Golding 28.10.11

"Have just looked at your Wild Rose Florist website for the first time – and am hugely impressed!!!" Private client 20.10.11

"She was “over the moon” with the flowers you sent her on our behalf – many thanks!" Private Client 19.10.11

"Just got your flowers they are exquisite – absolutely lovely.  So you’ve lightened my day!" BLD Direct 19.09.11

"Thank you for your speedy service, Jacqui & Rudi said the bouquet was beautiful." Robertson Freight 01.08.12

"She was very taken by the beautiful bunch of flowers – she took time to describe it to me in detail" Accenture 22.07.12

"She was very happy with it and even took a picture to show to me. It’s always a pleasure doing business with you." Accenture 30.06.11

"My first day back in the office after almost three weeks & I have to be honest I was dreading it, until I just received your lovely wedding flowers and champers. The flowers are truly truly beautiful – in fact so much nicer than the flowers I had at my wedding." SAB 29.06.12

"Thanks So Much for the Flowers, My Client LOVED them!" Private client 20.05.11

"These are beautiful!! You make us proud, thank you!!" Private client 04.02.12

"I am getting wonderful comments regarding the change. Everyone is really pleased with the change. Thank you so much for making our reception “bright and colourful". Medscheme 24.01.11

"Apparently the flowers are stunning and the girls love them" GC Communications 14.12.10

"Thanks so much for this, Lisa. We also just received the flowers Leanne sent us. They are absolutely gorgeous!" Private client 14.12.10

"Apparently the flowers were gorgeous ? She was raving about it. Thanks for all your help. I will and have recommended your services." Yellowwood Architects 19.11.10

"Firstly I would like to advise that entire Devonvale Golf & Wine Estate now knows about Wild Rose and your flowers were a real hit! In fact you couldn’t ask for better publicity! SKY News don’t stand a chance." JCPHotelware 18.11.10

"I like, I like!  Thanks a mil!!!!" Shoprite checkers 23.07.10

"thank you so much for arranging the beautiful spray of flowers for Estelle – absolutely stunning!!" SAB 22.07.10

"The bride was ecstatic and all was very happy!" Dutch Manor 21.07.12

"Just to let you know that we got compliments on the roses you sent" Maitland Group 08.07.12

"Yes thank you, she sent a lovely message of thanks for  a beautiful bouquet. Have a lovely day and week!" MSC 07.06.12

"Thanks so much for delivering the flowers this morning - Janelle LOVES them!" RMB 02.03.10

"That’s wonderful!  Thank you so much Lisa, your flowers are always inspiring. Sounds as though they did the trick once again" Friends of De Waal Park 15.02.10

"Monica was ecstatic about the flowers and said they brightened her day." Private client 15.02.10

"Thanks for always sending us such beautiful arrangements.  We always receive compliments." Karlstorz 23.10.09

"Thank you for the incredible service you provide for us." Maitland Group 16.10.09

"I would like to thank you, not only for your work in preparing Yvette’s flowers for her wedding, but for making a huge difference to the special success of the day. The five little cousins (three of one family and two of another), all cousins to each other, wore white angel outfits and the most amazing Midsummer Night’s Dream flower headbands.  At one stage they all climbed onto a golden trolley and cruised up and down the Steenberg Hotel patio.  So your handiwork was exceptionally prominent, as the guests could not take their eyes off these little girls!!!  You should have seen them throwing flower petals as confetti." Private Client 05.10.09

"Thanks Lisa I LOVE the containers!" Investec 14.06.09

"it's perfect" Private Client 25.04.09

"Thanks so much Lisa really most appreciated. Btw the ladies just loved the flowers and couldn’t believe the gesture so thank you so much for that" ooba 11.03.09

"It was good doing business with you. Thanks again." Private Client 16.02.09

"Thank you soooooooo very much! You are a *" Private Client 04.02.2009

"Good Morning. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent service throughout this year.  Your amazing flexibility has assisted me hugely in achieving goals which seemed at times unattainable." SAB 18.12.08

"Thank you very much for the beautiful flowers this week. It is bright and colourful and the arrangement is different. Please keep up the good work." Investec 27.11.2008

"Thanks so much for the awesome job .  They were absolutely stunning." CDK&Assoc 28.10.08

"The gifts were absolutely perfect and both my bosses are so chuffed!! THANK YOU!!!" ooba 22.10.08

"thanks for the lovely flowers throughout the year!" 20.12.2007

"Just a quick line to say thank you so much for the stunning arrangement of flowers – they truly were superb" Woman’s Lifestyle World 29.07.2007

"Just paid you for the most beautiful flowers you sent to Dolores. Thanks very much." Accenture 14.05.07

"They look beautiful wish I could send you a photo!!!!!!!" Nomadik tents 07.12.2006

"I would just like to say a huge THANKS for the absolutely amazing job you and your team did at my wedding. It was a great success over all, but my guests were raving about the flowers, the bouquets……everything was stunning!! Towards the end of the evening there were hardly any flowers left – everyone was leaving with them." Private Clients 26.09.2006

"..just wanted to let you know Susan was delighted with the flowers.. said they were the nicest smelling most beautiful bunch she got... even sent me a pic : ) thanks again" Paton Penford Studios 30.05.2006